The 2-seater Rotec that we got from Sweden and more

The 2 seater Rotec was not completed from the original owner Arne B.- so he sold it to a man who tried to fly it, but soon had a motorcut and outlanding with some damage to the plane. So a modelairplane-builder Lars and his son Willy at Løten contacted me about the Rotec and I got them in contact with the owner of the  damaged plane. They bought it and repaired it - and got it on the wings again. With the 35 hp Cuyuna engine it was sluggish - but they later got a Rotax 503 on it. They also made skis to it.
The bragging advertisment said it cruises at 40-45mph- LIE - it does MAX 35! Same as my single place.

up:The 2seater after rebuilding- down: my singleseater, both Rotec Rally

With the slow speed of the Rotec it was too long to fly from home base at Rena to "big-brother" Rotec-2seater - ca.50km away, so I had to take it on trailer/car and set it up there so we could fly together.. Here on set-up at the other field at LØTEN where Lars Aaseth had a stip by his home- backgroundpicture.

picture below: flying over my grandfathers farm - 12km away from field - upper white arrow where my father was born and grew up - lower black arrow where my uncle had his farm (then - now dead). Bigger picture below. View on picture to north.

picture below: coming back to landing strip - it looks VERY small from the distance - it is marked where the white arrow is below. The bigger field in front was used as a emergency-landing site.

down:you really needed a STOLplane - short takeoff-and-landing - to hit this small strip after the mc-crosstrack here

link - clik the plane left